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A Turmeric FAQ

June 16, 2019

Turmeric is a rhizome that grows in tropical countries. It has been used extensively in Asian and S. Asian countries as a culinary item and/or for its medical benefits. Most S Asian countries use powdered turmeric powder while most S E Asian countries use fresh turmeric.

Curcumin content - the orange yellow colour in turmeric comes from one of its key component called curcumin. A normal turmeric rhizome has around  2 - 4% curcumin content on average. Some varieties of turmeric has around 5 - 6% of curcumin content however its rare to find any variety that goes above this. Nature Shop offers turmeric powder with either 3% or 5% curcumin content.

Enhanced curcumin content - a lot the high potency curcumin supplements use standardised turmeric. What this means is that the curmin component is isolated by a process and then reformulated to increase its potency. Standardisation can increase the potency of curcumin to over 90%. Standardised turmeric powder cannot be used for culinary purposes.

Absorption by Humans - the human body is only capable of absorbing minute quantities of curcumin. The absorption can be increased when black pepper powder is added to turmeric or by cooking the turmeric in fat / oil .

Benefits of Curcumin

  • A natural anti-inflammatory compound
  • Could increase the anti-oxidant capacity of the body
  • Some studies show beneficial effects in treating some forms of cancer 
  • A natural antiseptic 

How to use

  • Normal turmeric powder can be used in cooking, added to hot fats/oils and mixed with other Nature Shop's spices.
  • Nature Shop's Turmeric Chai latte can be used as a convenient alternative to normal turmeric powder. It has black pepper and a number of other spices including turmeric. 
  • Make your own turmeric yogurt by adding a table spoon of Nature Shop's Turmeric Chai latte to milk before setting it.
  • Turmeric Smoothie - add a tea spoon of the turmeric chai latte in your smoothie before blending
  • Add a pinch of the Chai Latte when cooking rice - it flavours the rice as well as works as an antiseptic
  • Add a tea spoon of  Chai Latte when making a curry - cook it in oil like normal turmeric powder.


Nature Shop's Golden Infusion Spice Tea is a popular alternative for those who like drinking hot tea without milk. It has organic green tea, organic turmeric rhizome granules (containing 5% curcumin) as well as a number of other spices such as black pepper. The tea has a rich intense rounded aroma of spices without the intense flavour of spices.

Note: All spices when consumed in large quantities has a detrimental effect on humans. 

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