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Hair Care Routine

February 04, 2024

What is your hair care routine? Most of us have time for only a regular wash. Washing your hair often is definitely an important part of a hair care routine. However, a pre-wash treatment and a post- wash moisturising should form an important part of the hair care routine, at least once a week. Just like how you cleanse, tone & moisture your face, your hair too needs treatment and moisturising  to maintain a healthy scalp. Scalp and Hair Treatment Oils are necessary to treat, moisturise and nourish hair and roots. 

A good scalp is the foundation of healthy hair. Using a good Scalp oil improves the health of your hair and keeps it strong. Slowly massaging warm oil into the scalp will stimulate the hair follicles. Section your hair and apply the treatment from roots to end. With a cotton swab, dab some oil all over the scalp.  There are many ways to massage hair, but the method I use is, with my thumb held steady, I try to move the other four fingertips from the edges of my hairline to the centre, with my some pressure on the fingertips. Whatever method you use, massage stimulates more blood to the area, which in turn encourages hair growth.

In most cultures, this ritual of oiling the scalp is part of their normal hair care routine & they are often bear the fruits of this regime with beautiful healthy hair. With urbanisation, may cultures have moved away from this practice. The question I get asked often is, will the pre-wash oiling make the hair greasy? This depends on what you use as scalp treatment. If you use mineral oils or petroleum or lanolin based products, yes it may look moisturised but this “oil” will block the pores. This can lead to dandruff & an itchy scalp and build up of grease.

A pure plant-based oil which is infused with herbs and pure essential oils has many therapeutic benefits. If formulated well, the blended oil will nourish and invigorate the scalp. The nutrients in the oil will fight dandruff & strengthen the hair follicles and enhances circulation which in turn encourages hair growth. Keeping your scalp healthy ensures that breakage is minimized.

 A Hot Oil Treatment works in sealing your hair cuticles, helping to strengthen and protect hair. All hair types can benefit from a hot oil treatment, and they are great for protecting and hydrating the brittle strands particularly those with dry and damaged hair.

Try and leave a Scalp or Hot Oil Treatment for at least 30 minutes before rinsing.

Post-wash routine, try to include a moisturising oil. If you are trying to lock flyaway hair, then just rub the smallest amount through your palms and run through your nearly-dry hair. It’s a good idea to build up the amount of hair oil you use, rather than using a great dollop to start with. You can always add more, but if you use too much to start with, you might weigh the hair down & make it look greasy.

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