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Healthy, strong hair is not very porous and is naturally hydrophobic, meaning it repels water. Hair that is porous absorbs water very quickly, causing the hair to swell. When this happens, the cuticle layer on the outer section of the hair cannot expand, which causes the scales on the cuticle to rise. When cuticle scales rise, hair is more prone to breakage. Hydrophobicity helps hair maintain its balance and is essential for hair health.  

A range of different oils can be applied to hair to make it more hydrophobic. Almost any oil will help repel water, but many hair oils do so by sitting on the hair as a film, rather than soaking in and penetrating the hair shaft.

Plant oils are emollients used to soften hair so that it is more pliable and can bend without breaking. Our range of oil based hair moisturisers are pure base oils, or a synergistic blend of penetrating oils. Unlike many hair oils, our oils do not contain mineral oils, silicones, synthetic chemicals or parabens.  They are pure plant oils that penetrate hair, making it soft and healthy.