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Oleoresins are extracts of spices. It can replace whole/ground spices without impairing any characteristic of flavour and aroma. The volatile and non-volatile components in an oleoresin can be tailored to suit individual flavours, which is why it is important to nominate the specifications of the oleoresin at the time of purchase.

Oleoresins have wide applications such as in canned products, dry blends such as cake mixes, ready to eat products, spice blends etc. As standardised products, oleoresins can achieve consistency in flavour and aroma which would be difficult to achieve by using the raw spice.

Our Oleoresins are food grade, non-GMO and Kosher certified. They are manufactured in premises which are HACCP, ISO and GMP certified.

For bulk quantities of any oleoresin, even if not in our current range, please contact us directly.

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