Organic Henna Powder in all packsizes now in stock


We believe in harnessing the little secrets of nature and creating products that are plant based, pure, certified organic and above all easily affordable.
We believe that we have a lot to learn from natives of our ancient civilisations and their traditional methods of cleansing, mositurising, cooking and restoring – and we believe you are looking for the same.  




 We specialise in sourcing the latest trending pure ingredients from around the world, with relevant documentations to support the benefit.

Our passion for all things natural, has led us in harnessing the power of nature by making a range of raw, organic cosmetic products. A product is only as good as the ingredients used to make it. We not only use the best ingredients, we only use Certified Organic ingredients if they are available.



We are not just another cosmetic or food business. We take a personal interest in your query and take the extra effort to respond in detail to any question about a product or individual ingredient, its origin and use.
Our business is more than just a place to buy organic products; it is an education and immersive experience in what nature can offer us to beautify, heal and nourish.
We are proud to stand out in a crowd.