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Organic Henna Powder

  • Henna is a natural hair dye which contains a red-orange pigment called lawsone. For the natural colour to be released it needs to be mixed in an acidic medium and left to rest for at least for 6 hours. Henna dye works by binding with the keratin in the hair. As the henna dye bonds with hair, it does not easily fade or change colour. With every application the henna dye coats the earlier colour, thereby changing the depth of the colour, giving your hair a deeper richer tone.

    Henna is a long lasting natural hair dye. If you henna your hair only once, it may lighten only a few shades from its peak color. To strip the reddish-orange color of henna off your hair, you will have to get it done chemically or just let your hair grow out.

    If you have natural dark coloured hair, Henna dye will combine with your natural hair colour to provide red highlights. Pure henna powder will not give other shades. There is no such thing as natural brown henna or blonde henna. Blonde, Brown, Mahogany or Auburn henna are pre-mixes and is not 100% henna powder.

    Our Henna powder is organic, pure and has no additives, PPD, synthetic dyes or metallic salts. 

    Henna can be combined with Indigo or Senna to get different shades. 

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