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Turmeric Latte

  • A delicious blend of certified organic turmeric and aromatic spices, which can be had on a daily basis.

    Turmeric is anti-inflammatory & rich in antioxidants, because it has a naturally occurring component called curcumin. Myee Organics use turmeric with one of the highest available curcumin (5%) in our Latte, so your body is going to benefit from every sip.

    No added sugar, dairy and gluten free and no added supplements or synthesised vitamins.

    A pure blend of certified organic goodness.

    Serving suggestions:

    • Whisk 1 teaspoon to a little boiling water to make a paste. Heat milk or coconut milk & add to this mix, whisking gently.
    • The flavor is mild & aromatic so be creative. Add to smoothies, porridge, desserts or curries.
    • Turmeric yogurt - Whisk 1 teaspoon into boiling full cream milk before using it to make home-made yougurt