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Exotic Oils

Melon Seed Oil

  • Melon seed oil penetrates deep into the skin to help rejuvenate and create healthy glowing skin. It opens up skin pores, gets rid of sebum, grease, and oils. Melon seed oil works great for all types of skin - oily, dry, and even those with acne. The high content of linoleic acid assists in the removal of excess sebum to open up pores and remove toxins. Our cold pressed, sun- dried seeds from Watermelons are rich in fatty acids and sterols making it an excellent moisturiser.

    Watermelon seed oil is also wonderful for lustrous hair, because it’s non-greasy and gives hair a wonderful shine.

    For the skin: as it increases elasticity of the skin, it can be used to reduce stretch marks. It absorbs quickly into the skin and can be used as a skin moisturiser. Because of the high content of linoleic acid, it also assists in the removal of excess sebum and can be used as a skin cleanser.

    How to apply: As a face moisturizer apply a few drops on to moist skin and rub in or squirt a few drops into your scrubs or skin cleansers.

    For the hair: it can be used as a hot oil treatment, and has moisturising benefits.