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Hair Care

Hand Made - Citrus Herbal Shampoo Bar

  • This beautiful shampoo bar is hand crafted using cold pressed, extra virgin oils and infused with nourishing organic herbs. This is a very mild shampoo made with pure plant oils and is an excellent alternative to harsh chemical shampoos. When using our plant based dyes, the shampoo bar will not strip the natural colour as fast as a chemical shampoo. 

    Suitable for all hair types. 

    Care of your bar: A shampoo bar if stored to air and dry, will last much longer than liquid.

    NOTE: If you have been using commercial shampoos your hair may go through a kind of detox phase. It will take approximately 5 washes before your hair adjusts.

    Simple Vinegar Rinse: Using a vinegar rinse after using a shampoo bar will give your hair shine and makes it silky soft. Mix 2 tbsps of Apple Cider vinegar (white vinegar will also work) in 2C of water & rinse hair. Experiment to find a dilution that suits your hair (use less vinegar for dry hair and more for oily hair). Rinse off or leave the rinse on your hair. The vinegar rinse helps restore the natural pH balance of the hair. 

    Each shampoo bar is handmade, so variations in colour & pattern may occur from batch to batch. Photographs may not accurately represent colour. All soaps are hand cut and on average weigh around 90 gms.

    Why use a Shampoo bar?

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